What We Do:

 We help companies expand abroad by advising them on how to make informed decisions. The goal is to help our clients succeed in foreign markets and assist them with geostrategic diversification. We bring you to the world and the world to you.


Why You Should Hire Us:

As market leaders or major players, companies often take success in international expansion for granted and vastly overestimate the chances of success. They underestimate the challenges, whether they are cultural, customs, language, financial, or legal. Being a major player or even a market leader is a good starting position but does not guarantee success, as seen in the expansion of Walmart to Germany. We know the markets, help our clients, and thereby reduce risk, increasing the probability of success.


Who Are We:

Our consultants have the educational background and technical and business expertise (PhD, MBA, etc.). They have vast experience in your target market, know the local rules and customs, and speak the local language. Talk to us about what we can bring to you.