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Do you want to stay one step ahead? We offer innovative market observation services, specializing in Open Innovation and Technology Scouting for American companies.

🔍 Your Key to Global Success: Our Market Observation in Germany/EU, Brazil and China!

We are your eyes and ears in the international market. With our expertise, we observe product categories and competitors for you in real-time. Discover trends before they emerge and shape your strategy based on current market data.

💡 Why Choose Our Market Observation?

  • Open Innovation: Find new approaches and ideas by leveraging the global flow of innovation.
  • Technology Scouting: Identify the latest technologies to strengthen your competitive position.
  • Product Monitoring: What products are your competitors bringing to the market? Don’t miss out on new developments, and keep an eye on trends.

🌐 Think Global, Act Local!

Don’t miss the opportunity to position your company on the international stage. Contact us now for market observation services, so you can shape the future today!

For each market, we offer this at an introductory price starting from $15,000 per year. (To put it into perspective, our competitors charge a five-figure amount per month for China alone). Can you afford to miss out on trends?


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